Breeding pheasant into new opportunities for farmers to get rich

let us not then analyzed from the professional point of view, see the market for pheasant demand, you can know that this is a good opportunity, if there are conditions, farmers and friends can try to. Let us come together to a specific analysis, look at how the pheasant should be, and what are the channels to get rich!

one trick: ecological culture. Make full use of livestock manure, pheasant planting ryegrass on Ye Song vanilla forage, they will plant the grass to feed the pheasant, forage diets can be accounted for 20-30%, greatly reduces the cost of breeding, but also solves the problem of fecal pollution, reduce the occurrence of the disease. As a result of pheasant staple grass, good meat, high nutrition, high market prices are also very popular.

four tips: Matsu Kimie. Contains a variety of trace elements in pine needles, can effectively stimulate the pheasant’s ovulation function, improve the laying rate, feed utilization rate; in chicks diets 2% of pine needle powder, survival rate, growth rate and feed conversion rate can be increased by 7.1%, 11.1% and 24.8% respectively, the growth period is shortened by 10 days. At the same time, the pine needle contains plant fungicide and vitamin, which has the effect of disease prevention and disease resistance, and can effectively resist the occurrence of chicken diseases, thereby greatly improving the survival rate of pheasants.

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