2012 absolute sales project highlights

each phase has its own style, as long as can hold this style, on the basis of this epidemic, to find suitable for their own careers, we will be able to achieve success, the small according to the development of the society, to introduce you to 2012 absolute sales project highlights!

A, party supplies rental

2012 what do small business? The festival, each unit of the private party, Party will become the urban leisure scene, people demand for Party activities becomes more and more intense, the obvious gaps in the market can not be ignored. We can open a party supplies Monopoly (rental) shop. A variety of Party gatherings, theatrical performances and other supplies and clothing is the store monopoly (lease) of the main commodities.

two, lantern shop

to open first to find sources. 2012 what do small business is good today? Not much of this city first workshop, the only option is to do yourself, find one or two to understand the art instead of art to help people find out, artistic feeling, large quantities of repeated production. To make each lanterns are fine and solitary.

lantern shop: paper lanterns, lanterns, lanterns, craft wooden lanterns. Lantern material can be selected according to different people’s preferences. The popular wooden lanterns, one might ask why choose wood, rather than other materials, paper or glass, wood is chosen, because it itself brings the beauty of materials: plain, original. Different wood, different textures, different beauty.

four, boutique candle shop

> candle

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