Braised chicken rice to join which good

is now the whole market, there are a lot of yellow braised chicken rice brand, but also attracted a lot of people go to join, so in so many brands which should be how to choose? The first cooking club or kyrgyzstan.

file which is good, reminds me of a digital camera. To ask a digital camera which is good, the Japanese SONY camera should be good. However, how many people know that the SONY camera lens, SONY R & D personnel to buy the world at the time the best German lens, and then according to their own innovation and development of the German lens.

Kyrgyzstan in the project when cooking club was founded, fully taking into account the three fatal factors:

A, taste

failed to impress the diners taste taste, who you are is not important. Ji is not only concerned about the Yellow braised chicken, rice is also very particular about. Yellow braised chicken, needless to say, taste superior. Not only with good Steamed Rice steamed steamed northeast rice, when special attention, but also put a slip of the finest peanut oil incense.

In fact,

like who wants to make money, most of the project owners, more or less will have the idea to do. But not everyone has the ability to do a good job, it is not necessarily patient and good enough team to do a good job. Ji club at the service level, do not pay attention to what nanny style, but also pay attention to the establishment of high-quality team, through

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