Can bring fire to shops with lottery activity

annual sales will have a different season and season, when the season does not need to do what business activities, can be hot, but in the off-season, nature also need to have a lot of owner. Once the sales season ended, experienced shopkeepers will not sit still, will use this opportunity to do promotional work. Because the activity of anger needs to be created, rather than passively waiting. In retail, we should actively strive to create a certain novelty, use it to attract customers, and ultimately achieve a huge breakthrough in sales.

my usual practice is to engage in activities to attract customers. I set up a roulette lottery in the supermarket. It is written on the different awards, different awards corresponding to different gifts. Customers can enjoy the treatment after buying a certain quantity of cigarettes. Winning rate is relatively high, of course, this is an active atmosphere initiatives, which can attract the attention of customers.

a customer after seeing, feel curious. So he stopped, and he looked at it and shook it two times. He was so happy that he asked me how to play. I told him that as long as the old customers, buy a cigarette can participate in the lottery. He did not expect erhuamoyue buys one, and then participate in the lottery, results in a lighter. Although only a lighter, but the customer is very happy. From then on, he would like to come to my supermarket.

there is a customer who is not to buy cigarettes, but I saw this device feel very strange, so I want to play. The circular object is really a good one. So he bought a box for his family. Seeing him so interested, I let him shake once. He was so happy that he had a bag of toothpicks. When he got back, he told the story to his friends and family.

so I got a lot of new customers. Since this initiative, I found a lot of customers to buy cigarettes come together. They agreed to Ernie, see them not to be put off the air, I’m really happy for them. With this promotion, I found that the enthusiasm of customers to buy cigarettes was mobilized. And my sales are improving.

customers are also constantly praise, a customer said: I think the boss of this move is very good, can be an active festive atmosphere. Otherwise, every day is to buy cigarettes too emotional. We like to go to the store to buy cigarettes, so that not only can buy cigarettes, but also can buy a joy!" The customer is very good. Now the customer requirements more and more high, they are not satisfied with the traditional sales, they need to stimulate, novelty, and we should cater to their psychological, this party can win a bigger surprise.

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