Dalian college students can get 6000 yuan subsidy

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countries in order to further solve the difficult problem of employment of college students, have launched a series of measures to promote entrepreneurship some college students’ entrepreneurial activities, now in Dalian college students can get 6000 yuan venture grants.

I fully cancel the non administrative licensing approval, cancel or adjust the decentralization of administrative approval, into the hall to promote the administrative examination and approval and public service projects, standardize approval, clear standards, shorten the process, to achieve "a window handle and a seal of approval, a process of making". Deepen the reform of commercial system, implementation of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate of "three in one" and "one as a code", the implementation of the first photo card reform, "according to a multi site establishments filing range from the registration county to expand the municipal area. The implementation of zero registration fees, effectively reducing the burden on small and micro enterprises.

to encourage all personnel independent entrepreneurs, registered urban unemployed self-employed, one-time grant 6000 yuan venture capital subsidy. In the enjoyment of unemployment insurance benefits during their own business, to obtain a business license can apply for a one-time payment of unemployment insurance benefits.

in July 1st this year, the city’s entrepreneurship training people plan the first training classes in Hangzhou, the person in charge of relevant departments and city governments at all levels in Colleges and universities, even outstanding entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship incubator, venture capital institutions and other units to participate in the training, to achieve full coverage of business chain. Participate in the training of personnel from the business philosophy, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial culture and business model aspects of experience of advanced area entrepreneurial practices and experiences and atmosphere, constantly thinking of their own existence in the thinking and work gap.

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