Beijing start up companies encounter difficulties renting

the current society, the number of startups increases, however, recently, in Beijing’s entrepreneurial companies want to rent office is required to undergo a rigorous review, the lessor for the rental place for entrepreneurs to increase concerns.

Office owners of damaged

the incident, in addition to outside investors, the most serious damage is the owner of many office buildings.

reported that the incident caused by the core area of about 100 thousand square meters of office space and time in the vacancy concentration, at the end of the year, is expected to be temporarily closed area will re-enter the market in 1-3 months. Usually, in between the first quarter of the new year, many companies will suspend new rent, expanding rent office space, therefore, the existing market vacancy, is expected to cycle will continue until the second quarter of 2016. It is expected that many owners will be used to reduce rents, accelerate the strategy to go.

settled to raise the thresholdSmall domestic enterprises in

Statistical data of

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