After 80 girls with a bow weaving out their entrepreneurial dreams

for most of the 80, early start is actually not enough venture capital, and if you want to success, they must know how to use innovative, creative small businesses to open their doors to the kingdom of wealth.

serendipitously bow to test the water market

28 year old Li Qian in Sichuan City, North Street, a district rented two rooms and one hall, here is her house is her studio. The living room is full of colorful fabrics woven with bows, and looks a little messy. Even so, but for her, this room is full of her entrepreneurial passion and dreams. However, speaking of the bow, but some of the occasional.

"at a time when I was at work, but at night I went to the stall selling clothes." Li Qian said, one night can sell seven hundred or eight hundred yuan, while net profit of half. During the period, I know a person who likes to do a manual work. It was from this time that Li Qian, who had never learned manual, began to make a bow.

"every night to do a few, more and more slowly, and then my mother said, make so many also wear up, simply sell out." Mother’s advice to let Li Qian in the eyes, feel that this approach is feasible. From then on, her stall not only clothes and a bow.

the first night, dozens of bow Li Qian had quickly sold out. Because I do not know the price of the bow, selling very cheap, sometimes 5 dollars can buy a two. Later a reckoning, did not earn money."


"I sell clothes were a counter sales, more grades, and clothes are through online ordering, than other vendors sell clothes style novel much." Li Qian said, and later those who asked her about the purchase of the channel, and gradually began to upgrade the stall grade, this is the unique she has gradually lost its advantage, business began to decline.


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