Business should focus on speaking and listening

speak well, really will be of great help to the business? This is a lot of shopkeepers are thinking about a problem. The art of speaking, I think of an old lady to buy apple story.

an old lady asked the fruit vendor, "how is your apple?" "What do you want?" Traders do not answer the question. "I want a few pounds of acid." Replied the old lady. Traders continue to ask: "others buy apples are sweet, why do you want acid?" The old lady said: "daughter-in-law pregnant, would like to eat sour." "You have such a mother-in-law, your daughter-in-law really lucky!" Vendors to help the old lady said the end of apple, but also from other fruits, orange is also suitable for pregnant women to eat, sweet and sour taste and rich in vitamins." "Is that right? Then three kilos of oranges!" So, while helping to pick up the side of the vendor to introduce their daily purchase time, the freshness of the fruit, etc..

vendors do not blindly sell fruit, but to understand the needs of customers, from the customer’s point of view to give advice, to win the trust of customers, and tap the potential of consumption. Good attitude, smooth communication, but also laid the foundation for the next sale.

for retail shopkeepers, not only to provide quality services, but also to close the distance with the customer by saying and listen to. One is to speak to the point of view, to mention some simple, specific guidance problems, in order to get a clear answer. Two is good at listening, put forward targeted suggestions, let the other party feel your intentions and sincere attitude.

famous American interpersonal relations master DELL · Carnegie once said: "a person’s success, about 15% depends on knowledge and skills, and the 85% depends on communication. The ability to express one’s opinions and the ability to inspire others." The same applies to the retail store owners, do good to listen to, operating more easily.

actually, this is not just for retail owners, anyone who does business should pay attention to this aspect. After all, only through "listening" to understand the real needs of the customer, can be targeted to promote, so that customers can "say" out of their own needs, and do more business, create higher sales, to achieve a higher accumulation of wealth.

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