Driving a monthly salary of unmanned aerial vehicle UAV UAV yuan shortage

now UAV has been applied in a number of areas, the market outlook is very promising, easy monthly income of over 10000 yuan, which is my own money to test the driver’s license for the reason." September 19th, at Zhengzhou Shangjie Airport, just graduated from college students are practicing Liu unmanned aerial vehicles.

status: National UAV driver’s license less than 700 people

UAV is also known as the air robot, due to its small size, high security, easy to use and so on, the civil aviation industry ushered in a wide range of applications were blowout development.

China aircraft owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) director Ke Yubao revealed no man-machine management office, China civil aviation bureau is currently using the "UAV airspace management regulations" to solicit opinions, the year is expected to introduce. The provisions of the main civilian UAV, UAV flight plan will include how to declare, as well as in what airspace can fly.

AOPA reporter in the official website to see, up to now, get drone training qualification of 38 enterprises, of which Henan accounted for 3; six national test center, Henan SELPHY UAV training institutions were identified as the only central point.

if the Chinese equivalent of AOPA vehicle administration, then the training institutions equivalent to driving". All drivers are trained in the training institutions, after the examination by the Chinese AOPA to issue a license.

at present, the UAV’s staff of less than 700 people, and with the UAV hot, China aircraft owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) increased supervision, UAV training industry began to fire up.

prospects: multiple areas of demand, a monthly salary of over 10000 yuan easily

authoritative institutions predict: in the next 10 years, only the United States, its UAV industry brought about by the economic effect of more than $150 billion.

reporter through the UAV fancier to be located in Zhengzhou City, health road SELPHY UAV products stores, hundreds of aircraft model and the UAV is dazzling. Sales staff told reporters, such as the size of the image store in the country did not have a few.

printing is responsible for UAV training of Mr. Yan said that Henan is only a training in their UAV multi rotor, fixed wing and helicopter pilot, a total of nearly 100 people to get a driver’s license and the license of UAV, has held four training period, beginning fifth ma.

Yan said that many provinces around the test sites are not on the recent registration examination, electric recommendation

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