Great people have a low starting point

a lot of people after a failure again and again, often do not find their own reasons, instead of complaining about a king, if you read the following Xiaobian about those big, you must have a more calm and psychological. In fact, the starting point is not important, hard work is the decisive factor!


the first job: School cleaners

and become the master of horror, Stephen · gold; the initial work is cleaner, responsible for cleaning up the high school hallway and bathroom. It was this job that made his writing career. Stephen · Nintaus is in the cleaning of the girl’s locker room, inspired the creative inspiration, the idea of his novel, "witch Kylie".

first job: bar singer

This Year blockbuster "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" by the media as the "gold box". In the film as the protagonist of the Hollywood star Johnny · Depp, from an early age interested in entertainment. He organized a band early and went to a nearby bar. Johnny · the ability to imitate the famous musicians of the super strong, can be in the bar, but only to sing the songs of the popular bands and singers at the time of the song of Depp.

but he sings very meager income, so Johnny · Depp had to sell special souvenirs to take part-time and subsistence. Later, his ex-wife met the film star

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