Retail purchase channels can not y disorder

purchase is the need for channels, if a retail channel is very difficult to purchase channels, the short term may be able to get some small benefits, but for the long-term development of the store is actually very negative. Retail customers Zhang Zhaoping, but the commercial street of the name of the "small Diao" (smart brains mean). Each purchase shipped, small abacus is playing "Dingdang" sound, a lot of customers and suppliers to see he will frown. Every time to go to the wholesale market to purchase, he always does not worry not dry, leisurely stroll to the East, the West walk, look at the low price of the goods, who he purchased from.

he proudly said that people than three goods before the shot, I was at least more than six. At the beginning, some suppliers want to get this business, there are suppliers who want long-term cooperation in the future, so every time the purchase of the same goods, his purchase price is always cheaper than others. The man got cheaper, but also spread everywhere, so commercial street shop business of the young and old man was no less wife carrying ears. But then, looking for a purchase of retail shopkeepers, a long time, each other are familiar with, it will be sincere treatment, cooperation is very happy.

this "small Diao" Zhang boss, opened a few years of retail stores, without a stable partner, gradually, people all know that he is not to temper, he offers, finally, make each purchase price will be higher than the others in many. Now, every time the purchase, always called the street colleagues to help him with some. Began to get a little cheap, but lost the long-term interests, Zhang boss is very regret.

analysis of

analyst: retail customer Zhang Bo

as the saying goes "sale for law-abiding, business people earn money hugh". Shop to engage in business, whether the purchase or sale of books, a person, the real work is the most important, not to petty profits and care for this and lose that. Channel is very important in the purchase, the more the intermediate link of the commodity, the greater the cost, the lower the profit, as a supplier of intermediate goods, how much people have to earn.

so, from the purchase of the channel, as our retail customers is best to find the most economical, the most direct way to reduce these links, reduce the cost of purchase, to ensure a reasonable profit. At the same time, in the purchase process, it is best to establish long-term cooperative relations with suppliers, so that you can ensure that the supplier can give a certain discount, because, after all, old relationship. Can not run two days, not only the credibility of the poor, but also the people will be disgusted with the supplier, of course, want to get the benefits of suppliers, it is impossible to do the work of the three.

peer weapon: retail customers Sun Liangang


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