Lei Jun the more successful the more people feel lonely

in our side some people seem very cold, always feel superior, but they are not so, their heart is very soft and very enthusiastic, the more successful the more people will make people feel he is very lonely, because they have been difficult to Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together., met with successful people like himself therefore, it will give people feel very lonely.

the more successful, the more lonely

is very difficult to be a founder of the company. Because when you face the staff, it is difficult to explain to him, the company may only have three months to pay wages, even after three months of wages from the money come from, I do not know. You can’t share it with them. You have to talk to them at the same time, you’re doing a great thing. In fact, you don’t even know what to do tomorrow.

you can’t share it with your investors. Because not all investors have the courage to hear the real situation. You can’t stand in the spotlight and share your story with the media. You say you are bright, but in fact, your pressure can not be shared.

this loneliness is an entrepreneur born. And the more successful entrepreneurs, more lonely at work. Why? If you don’t succeed, you may lose your job and change into an office for two years. If you are successful, you are tired by success. Everyone thinks you should be more successful. This aura makes you feel more lonely.

so the identity of investors, as well as to allow entrepreneurs to lay down the so-called burden, is the most essential needs of entrepreneurs. In fact, investors give you a money, it is not important. Cast a money really hit it off with you because of your identity.

is the only investors to agree with this, with a real, three months after the wages sent to them. So, you look at the really good investors who are deeply committed to the entrepreneur.

they know from the bottom of their hearts that the position between them is not a condescending look down, they are equal, even entrepreneurs have a higher position. So, as an entrepreneur, what you really need to find is to be able to identify with your investor, not a check. I am a person who is nothing, but I love entrepreneurship. I know how to help Chinese entrepreneurs succeed, this is the real wealth. This is the real value of the mainstream society. Therefore, identity is a very important point. Entrepreneurship requires something valuable.

It is no use

to rely on diligence

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