The entrepreneurial stories of foreign students

entrepreneurial intentions of friends, not only domestic friends, friends in foreign countries also have the idea of entrepreneurship. Today, moved to the United States Chinese can easily eat mutton, hamburger, cold noodle, etc. Lumian home snacks, a lot of "ghosts" who are also favored a plus.

The number of

2001 by the U.S. citizens China permanent residence visa is only 56 thousand and 267, 2011 rose to 87 thousand and 16, an increase of 54.6%; in the United States in 2001 issued a permanent resident visa, Chinese visa number accounted for 5.32%, in 2011 this proportion rose to 8.2%, an increase of nearly 3 percentage points. Overall, 2001~2011 11 years, the Chinese permanent residence permit for the Chinese people, an average of 68 thousand and 154 people in the year of 749 thousand and 694.

2006 years, the number of students in the United States surge in China, from 1.3% in 2006 growth rate rose to 2011 in the year of 23.3%, and in 2010 reached a peak of $30%. Published by the American Association for international education, open door report (2010) shows that in 2010 China’s foreign students in the United States has a population of 127 thousand and 628, an increase of 30%, becoming the largest source of foreign students in the United states.

"open doors report (2011)" show, 2011 China students in the United States in 157 thousand and 558, an increase of 23.3%, accounting for 22% of the total number of overseas students in the United States, China for second consecutive years to become the largest source of overseas students. "The Wall Street journal" the latest data show that in 2002 to get the science and engineering doctorates to foreign students in the United States in 2007, to remain in the proportion of all countries in the United States, to Chinese the highest proportion, 92%.

A street scene:

"two barbecue" famous Boston

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