nternet banking business is dead

modern financial acceptance is relatively high, most people will not put money in the bank, such as devaluation. When people lose confidence in the stock market, the emerging Internet banking has attracted many people to join. Internet banking boom up again and again.

The development of

real is mostly financial resources in our country are inefficient state-owned assets occupy, in addition to the forced financial development of the Internet, also can not see can let the state-owned financial institutions, the courage of life. Traditional financial institutions to obtain a financial license on the success of the half, with the housing fund this ultra low cost funds to lend, lying to make money is not a dream.

the core competitiveness, the traditional finance in addition to the license, as is the subversion of the traditional retail business, is one under the terminal outlets and sales channels. A vertical management structure for the service users from far away, the state-owned system make effective incentive to become more difficult, resulting in the effective allocation of financial assets, the low operating efficiency; regional management clear and a man-made business regulation three will split, but also to the traditional financial recommendation

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