How to name a clothing store

opened a clothing store, the cost is not high, suitable for small investors who want to invest in. Good clothing store business, starting from a good clothing store name, then, how the name of the clothing store? Below we take a look at the clothing store names need to pay attention to what matters.

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After joining the WTO

clothing store name logo – named

sign naming method is mainly based on physical signs, to highlight the salient features of Companies in the world now has developed into CIS (Corporate Identity System) is a part of the famous black monkey hat shop is a wooden door made of black monkey, to show the historical traditions, to different from other hattery.

brand naming, generally refers to companies to create brand-name products, with their own brand name as the name of the company, such as the Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Company is in the "phoenix" to take the name of the enterprise.


as these words are read: two, province, and Qian dynasties. Of course, we are not saying that he absolutely can not use chinese. But at least to ensure that others can determine their pronunciation, not to read wrong. Do not say bad intentions, you are engaged in cosmetics manufacturing and trafficking, so whimsical to log on to heroin and let the consumers buy named trademarks. You may arrive in the trademark office but turned out! Because "heroin" is not only with drugs and homophone synonyms, apparently in violation of the "

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