How to join the venture to join venture what are the advantages and disadvantages

join the business has gradually become a trend, more and more people to join it, you can make use of the existing brand brand, standardized operation mode, a sound market mechanism and a series of favorable factors. But joining the venture does not have any shortcomings? What are the advantages and embodied? The following for your careful analysis.

A, join the advantages of


1. to reduce the risk of failure: join can reduce your risk of failure, and improve the chances of success. There is no guarantee that will be able to join a one hundred percent success, but compared with personal business, or a little higher, because basically the headquarter have set up shop know-how, it can be copied this model to you, as long as according to do, the chances of success will naturally a little higher. If you choose not to join, unless itself to this industry has very well, or you need is slowly groping, groping and try, try will be wrong, wrong is the cost, so the chance of failure to join will be higher than it is.

2. has a brand awareness: the choice of a chain store, we can naturally hang it signs and hang it signs after the brand awareness will naturally higher than the independent shop, the higher visibility of natural customers is easy to come, because they have a chain name for having heard it many times. At present, the visibility of each brand is a lot of advertising to play out if the individual can not put into the shop so much advertising, of course, the visibility is relatively poor. Like McDonald’s so many stores around the province, everywhere can be seen, of course, will naturally rise in popularity. It will be better and better if the new products are often promoted through advertising.

3. logistics support counseling and product development by the headquarters to be responsible for: by the headquarters to provide logistics and merchandise to the store, and as long as the store is responsible for store operations and store management as well. Otherwise, if you do it yourself, you can also shop for marketing, marketing, research and development and management systems, etc., may be unable to do so well. In particular, the franchise stores will continue to introduce new products, and can grasp the first-hand information of the market. Moreover, many of the goods are not joined their own research and development, but outside the supplier to help it out. Because the supply chain vendors also love through the promotion of new products, because of a negotiation can push one thousand, if it is to store a family talk, to talk about how long? How long does it take? So, of course, also like to find a chain store chain, so the chain can grasp the new product information. Of course, this includes machinery and equipment. Because when the equipment manufacturers have developed new equipment, or the introduction of new foreign machinery and equipment, for the same reason, the same will find headquarters. When the headquarters feel good, naturally will be introduced to the franchise, so the franchise will be relatively competitive.

two, join the shortcomings of


1. the first to

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