Peace Pratt & Whitney brutal collection of people in Guangzhou a family of three photos were mass

referred to the collection, is a lot of friends know. For example, in our daily life, we often use the credit card will be the phenomenon of collection. So, peace Pratt & Whitney’s brutal collection is how to do it?

high rate of non-performing, not only to make the regular army trouble, but also to allow P2P, including private finance is facing life and death test.

and behind the bad high, it is booming collection business. Recently, the media broke up in Guangzhou, a public security Pratt & Whitney malicious collection (loans). Ping Ping yesterday responded that the report, the report untrue. But in the industry view, the event reflects the current financial institutions in the control of non-performing loans as well as the management, the urgency of the loan collection.

yesterday, a Guangzhou collection company responsible person said to reporters in Nandu, the company this year’s business year doubled last year, before the next day Nanjing a platform of 100 million yuan of bad assets packages.

peace Pratt & Whitney: malicious collection there is no real

recently, the Guangzhou media reports, the people of Guangzhou Hui sister because a small loan overdue, being made up of "malicious arrears", not only to send mail reminder to borrow her friend, she will be a family of three photo editing and sending pictures into public collection. According to the media reports, the sister of the loan department of the loan to Lu Jin, but only because the repayment period of the phone is broken, the extension of 3 days repayment will be malicious collection".

however, mentioned with the reported "Ping An Bank (10.380, 0, 0%) a collection of" the difference is that a regional peace inclusive just leaving executives yesterday told reporters in Nandu, the deposit and collection are carried out by the relevant person inclusive peace. "However, if to a good credit record, just 3 days without repayment, will not be so collection", the reporters just leaving executives on Nandu.

this, Ping An stakeholders in response to reporters yesterday in Nandu, said the verification, the verification is currently in progress, the report does not exist. It also stressed that peace Pratt & Whitney has strict requirements for collection, once the staff found irregularities in the collection process, will be severely punished.

peace Pratt & Whitney is indeed higher requirements for the control of the NPL ratio, the pressure on the relevant control team is not small." Aforementioned security Pratt & Whitney former regional executives told reporters in Nandu, from the industry point of view, the NPL ratio of at least 11%-15%, but Ping An Pratt & Whitney requirements NPL ratio must be controlled within 7%. To this end, in addition to hundreds of telephone collection team, each region has a special collection team. "Start at 8:30 in the morning, 12 in the evening before it is normal", recommended

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