This is the story that all food and beverage people should take a look at

how many catering enterprises occupy a few hundred square meters, chain stores all over the mall, but still unable to make ends meet, barely survive. But there is a small shop on the 3 square meters of local annual income of 300 million!

at four or five in the morning, the shop started long before, and every day in the past 64 years so. No ads, no publicity, even the shop is in the alley, but is popular!

customers have said: this store can be a good thing to remember forever.

and even the Japanese management scientist Sakamoto Koji in the study of the world’s 6500 companies, the store is said to be the world’s first company.

when you are still complaining about the impact of the market, the advent of winter, the economic downturn, there is such a small shop, only 3 square meters has become a world-renowned, respected company.

and the management of its simple and hard, that is: there is a need to achieve the ultimate product of the builders of the heart

this shop is small in Japan, Tokyo Sasagawa "auspicious temple on the edge of the alley. (the same "drawer", Sasagawa is Japan Chinese characters)

the shop covers an area of only 3 square meters, and only sold in two and the jelly cake snacks, can annual income can reach 300 million yen (about 20 million RMB).

sell food so beautiful, you are willing to eat it?

delicious temptation to make a lot of people to line up at 4 in the morning. Catch up with the holidays, the time will advance to 1 in the middle of the night… Under the stars a long line of people, this scene is like years ago, one to the spring festival full of people on the train station……

The most shocking thing about

is that it’s been a bad day for 64 years…..

this shop sells what it is? It is what rare treasures


In fact, this

moreish jelly, is very common, and is introduced to Japan in the Tang Dynasty when the Chinese traditional delicacy. The general approach is simple: raw materials, put the red beans cooked crushed and mixed sugar, wine, put the pot boiling, the model of frozen on the line.

in China, there are a lot of restaurants in the sale, basically long so….

ordinary brown stick, a year to sell 300 million data fraud..

don’t scold, look at the small Sasagawa jelly

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