Life has only seven chance to change your destiny

you know, everyone has a seven chance in his life, regardless of gender or wealth, everyone has a chance. These seven opportunities are opportunities to change our lives, every other 7 years. After about 22 years of age began to appear, after 50 years, after the age of 75 will not have any chance.

The first is

second is a learning opportunity: at the age of 32, the vast majority of people, is the opportunity to grasp, to determine their own career. Therefore, this opportunity is very important.

third entrepreneurial opportunities: at the age of 39, a lot of people in politics, from science, business success, some people strive for further improvement, promotion, title, or enterprises to further expand. The cost of giving up this opportunity is very high.

Fourth Growth Opportunities: at the age of 46, for more Chinese speaking, this opportunity is only icing on the cake, it is difficult to timely assistance. Conversion career, to seek a breakthrough, the possibility of a sudden reversal is smaller. Therefore, the marginal utility of the opportunity at this age is less than that of the previous.

sixth is a learning opportunity: at the age of 60, already know the destiny, not much time left in life, it is never too late to learn to come, seize the last chance to enrich themselves.



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