Jewelry shop decoration is very important to see here

in many projects, some of the project store decoration is particularly important for the project, jewelry items is one of them. Good store decoration can greatly improve the jewelry store sales, the whole network Xiaobian for you to share a jewelry shop franchise decoration, a decoration reasonable jewelry stores will give investors a lot of trouble, it has a very profound impact on the day after the operation.

now in most large monopoly store, with the escalator, please note that not to escalator shop door, if you have formed such a pattern, will use the shelves and try to block the door, so that customers don’t see this is the escalator, Feng Shui "like Rondo, jealous tears" principle, otherwise, your store is "customer visit, less generous".

Shopfitting color is very exquisite, now there are many shops pay great attention to the color of the internal stores, some businesses through psychological tests, such as red and brighter colors, it is relatively in a state of excitement. Arouse people’s desire to buy. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the color of the internal stores, and to the owner of the birthday, to store and sell goods five property combination will consider the attributes of goods into the wood, fire, soil, gold, water in five categories, and then according to the owner of the store house and hexagrams hexagrams, determine the specific shop interior decoration color, extremely complicated, must ask professional home home.

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