Women and Yi hotel attack Ctrip hotel both sides actively cooperate with the investigation

a woman is very dangerous to go out, I hope the majority of female friends to pay attention to it, recently, the woman and the hotel attack is really shocking. At present, the incident is under further investigation, Ctrip and the hotel are actively cooperate with the investigation.


the whole incident makes you very puzzling, in 798 H Hotel shop tenants, use the elevator to the corresponding floor must brush card room, but it is in such conditions, the women still encounter the unknown man trailing, drag and drop, the intention of misconduct, but the key is that the hotel security didn’t stop the people behavior.


It is reported that the women’s

, hotel reservation is through Ctrip, in the wave of the scraper, Ctrip official response to the _2016’s experience, Ctrip attention, and set up a team to assist the user in the first time, advise the guest to timely alarm, if necessary, Ctrip will cooperate with the police investigation.

three days after the incident, under the pressure of public opinion, the Home Inn group has finally given response, the hotel has corresponding responsibility to find out the truth, but also actively cooperate with the investigation in the local public security organs, the Home Inn group for illegal acts will not be tolerated. Beijing police have been involved in the investigation.



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