How to run a good pet supplies store

a lot of people like to keep pets, and pets are like friends. Of course, this also led to sales of pet supplies. Pet supplies store is worth investing in, so what skills do you need to master?

necessities: including comb, nail scissors, fossa, traction belt, toys, clothes etc.. These are also indispensable to the daily pet.

(mainly including all kinds of staple food: dog food, cat food), snacks (including canned, jerky, chewing gum and other items), health care products (calcium, hair beauty products to promote physical development).

bath products: pet should use special soap, because the pet’s skin is different from humans, dogs do not sweat, neutral skin. How often one bath will destroy the dog’s skin PH, cause hair loss and skin disease. The dog bath products also have a variety of dogs or puppies for etc..

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