Shower room ten brands list

a bath, the toilet is wet, this is a lot of people feel unhappy things, and have a shower room, this problem can be solved. Dry area, visual and fashion design. Through the joy, let many of the owners are not in the shower sweet temptation. But at the same time, in recent years, constantly exposed shower room glass burst news, but also the main reason for many consumers hesitate. Shower room safety should not be underestimated, in addition to put an end to improper operation, it is recommended to focus on product quality improvement as far as possible to choose the brand, for the safety of the shower to choose a security. Here for everyone to sort out the shower room ten brands list, come back to take home.

shower room ten brands list NO., Drake shower room

Drake shower room is Zhongshan Deli Sanitary Ware Co., the company’s brand of shower room, shower room ten brands. Drake shower room focused on from personal customization to the overall custom high-end design, the hardware accessories industry is the highest standard of stainless steel material, the details of the shower room is rigorous, Drake has become a key factor in the industry leader.

shower room ten brand list NO. two, plus Maple shower room

plus Maple bathroom, shower room is introduced from Europe and the United States of China’s leading enterprises, plus shower room shower room for consumers to provide professional products, tailored comfortable, intimate, elegant bath experience. Caphone shower room is both surface treatment technology of aluminum top, or the best glass cutting technology, provides security for the outstanding performance of a soft quality shower, independent production, durable.

shower room ten brands list NO. three, ideal shower room

ideal shower room is the ideal bathroom products, ideal bathroom and was founded in 1987 in Foshan City, since the beginning of 1995, specializing in the design and manufacture of shower doors. Its products include a series of "Pei" day "emperor Mascherano series" "Rilla" series "VEKA series" and other series of timber, fine, fine, are made of high quality aluminum, glass and artificial stone chassis. Ideal shower room with toughened glass durable, excellent performance of the sealing rubber strip in the shower room to ensure the sealing and environmental protection at the same time, did not reduce the sense of space.

shower room ten brands list NO., Orans shower room

Orans shower room, shower room, one of the top ten brands, is located in Orans’s most famous brand. Orans shower room products in the industry took the lead through the French ACS certification, the EU CE certification, as well as ISO9001:2008 quality management system and a series of ISO14001 certification, product quality is understandable. Advanced UV electrostatic spray paint technology

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