How to sell a cup to 2000

business it is nothing more than their own property auction out, how to sell, sell how much the price that depends on the entrepreneurial ability, a real value is limited, but there are still some intangible value which can make their products rise, sell at a good price. A piece of glass to sell 2000 yuan is not let the whole network tell some fantastic tales, with you about the marketing philosophy.

1. to sell the value of the product itself, can only sell 3 yuan /.

2. to sell the cultural value of the product, you can sell 5 yuan /.

3. to sell the brand value of the product, you can sell 7 yuan /.

if you will it famous brand label, it can sell 7 yuan. Next door shop 3 yuan / call rang again useless, because you have a brand, almost everyone is willing to pay for the brand.

4. to sell the combined value of the product, selling 15 yuan / no problem.

5. to extend the sale of functional value of the product, sell 80 yuan / an absolute.

6. to sell the market value of the product, sell 188 yuan / right is not not.

if you will have the function of magnetic therapy health care cup printed on your twelve zodiac, and ready for fashion lovers gift set, named "in pairs" or "for the birthday, enduring as the universe" couple www.cyone.com.cn/, sold 188 yuan /, definitely want to buy each other for what birthday gift and young are racking their brains after you pay the money back also did not forget to say "thank you", the value innovation is the product of the market segments.

7. to sell the packaging value of the product, sell 288 yuan / more likely to sell fire.

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