APP recorded at any time of the six major hot entrepreneurial projects

smart phone is a colorful life, but also convenient for people to eat and drink. At the same time, it also brings more business opportunities. A variety of APP push to appear in the eyes of people, although the capital of winter continued, but there are still many investors sought after entrepreneurial projects.

The following six

, a project [travel, video – see social delicacy APP]


"insight" is a way of recording video can be used wherever beauty, delicacy, eat with APP recorded at any time to play.   in addition to the use of video recording mode bit of the journey can be more interesting questions / answers to initiate travel, to want to explore distant friends with your knowledge! See the APP platform currently in question and answer, recording and uploading content, live.

project reviews

now introduced around the beauty of delicacy pictures are numerous, but many users are aware of a lot of beautiful pictures and behind the "P map" effort, and when I found that really see real time far away from the psychological gap leads to a very bad experience.

project two, [app] – I have a dating

projectI have

project reviews

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