Shanghang introduced eight new deal to encourage innovation and Entrepreneurship

yesterday, the country released in 2015 GDP growth, China’s GDP growth rate of 6.9% last year. Although the overall economic slowdown, but there are still many potential for development. Therefore, our country will further increase support for entrepreneurs to promote public entrepreneurship innovation.

to arouse the enthusiasm of innovation and Entrepreneurship of workers in urban and rural areas of Longyan, Shanghang county government before the introduction of the policy, introduced eight measures to encourage innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples:

A, to create distinctive public record platform. Cultivate entrepreneurship demonstration base. Give full play to the Fuzhou University Zijin college and Shanghang occupation technical secondary school and occupation technology talents cultivation demonstration base and existing academician expert workstation, post doctoral workstations, Zijin Mining innovative advantages of leading enterprises, create a model of entrepreneurial innovation center 1 operation mode of advanced and perfect facilities, service quality, environment influence and strong power.

create entrepreneurship camp. Fuzhou University Zijin Mining Institute and other units to encourage the use of existing research cooperation base, school enterprise cooperation training base, the establishment of a public entrepreneurial base camp. Accelerate the Fuzhou University Zijin Mining Institute, Shanghang occupation school established college business park, the establishment of women’s business center for women and children in the home county. Transformation creates the guest world. Make full use of the old plant, the stock of commercial buildings and other resources, the construction of a number of low-cost, convenient, all elements of the new open space.

the establishment of more than 2000 square meters of hit off the world, play too pull yuan Tian ancient village, the ancestral hall, Lee Hakka cultural heritage, the establishment of literary and art workers entrepreneurial base. Upgrade traditional incubator. Relying on the Shanghang Industrial Park, Jiao Yang Industrial Zone, encourage Zijin mining scale enterprises and listed companies, venture capital institutions and professional team, the upgrading of existing science and technology innovation platform, to form a new type of incubator, innovation incubator investment combination. Strive to build a provincial science and technology business incubator in the "13th Five-Year" period.

two, reduce the double threshold. Simplify the administrative examination and approval procedures, improve the service level, in addition to the pre licensing laws and administrative regulations, other pre license will be canceled, allowing all types of business subject equal access to national laws and regulations are not prohibited industries and fields. Deepen the "registration certificate" system of commercial registration reform measures according to the first, the implementation of enterprises to set up a "three in one", "a photo of a code registration reform.

of start-ups from all kinds of administrative fees. Institutions to carry out various types of administrative examination and approval, testing and other services and charges, the start-up companies are not higher than the 50% approved standards. Support the improvement of broadband network facilities to the public record space construction investment, for business use, the bandwidth of 100M or more, can be given subsidies in accordance with the 50% standards of the year in accordance with the terms of the broadband tariff; the public record space, can give enterprise settled or appropriate rent subsidies and rent relief.

three, enhance the public record of public service capacity. Encourage and support University recommendation

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