Zhou Hongyi’s new understanding of the nternet in 2014

with the continuous development of the Internet, its business opportunities are increasingly exposed, therefore, want to gold friends, may wish to pay more attention to. This year, many traditional entrepreneurs are talking to me about the internet. First of all, the Internet looks like a creator of value, but in fact it is a destroyer of value.

if traditional enterprises want to embrace the Internet, first of all need to experience a thought on the Internet to know. Here I summarize a few key words.

2009, when I do free antivirus, when a lot of colleagues do not understand, I asked them to watch the movie, the founding of the great cause, the film is a piece of my army to withdraw from Yanan when a lot of people do not understand. At that time Mao Zedong said, "the earth is lost, the earth is lost, the earth is lost, the earth is in the earth.". This is the rule of the Internet, it is important that you have no user, if you have a user, lost income, you can always do it back, if you do business, lost your

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