You can not do poineering work gold five steps


, there are a lot of people think little of the idea of entrepreneurship, select a project to begin to invest. So unprepared for the move, and ultimately are often ended in failure, in this small series will introduce you to the five steps of entrepreneurship, hoping to help entrepreneurs.

1, you should make sure that you wish to have a wealth of digital in psychology. There is no point in saying, "I need a lot of money," and you have to determine the specific amount of money you desire.

2, really want to, you are willing to pay what kind of hard work and how much cost for the money you need, the world is no free lunch.

3, set a fixed date must be before this date you want to get the money, there is no timetable, your ship will never "shore".

4, to achieve an ideal plan, and immediately, you should be used to "action", not only can indulge in fantasy".

5, more than 4 points will be clearly written, we can not rely solely on the memory, we must put it down in black and white. Two times a day to read aloud to write the contents of the plan.

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