90 student Guo Fangzheng chicken open entrepreneurial way of giving up a good salary

has a high education, has a high salary, in general, this may be their own efforts for many years to get the return, of course, at the same time, people do not want to give up. However, the protagonist Guo founder despite the generous treatment, is a worthy of the name of Ireland is giving up a good salary, can afford to buy fried chicken, open their own business.

Guo founder in fried chicken, the action is quite skilled, not like a novice

yesterday afternoon, the mouth of the road in front of a vegetable market, there are many mobile stalls, a new addition to the dining car which is particularly eye-catching. Sign: the mood on the body also Esbjerg fried chicken, "Chutan spraying time: see mood; Chutan location: see mood; Chutan reason: good mood; can not eat so delicious next time: look fate". The other side of the body is, "I’ve been waiting here for 400 years, just to get the best fried chicken from the stars".

at the same time, also accompanied by professors and thousands of Iraqi song hug photos, and with the head of WeChat. 4:30 pm, the stall riding a small electric, with raw materials and ingredients rushed to chicken. He was wearing a black short sleeved T-shirt, camouflage shorts, wearing a pair of black rimmed glasses, the height of 1.86 meters tall guy called Guo founder, yesterday was his first day of business officially opened. Number of media have been waiting for, not for his fancy dining car, he was abandoned only paid Liantan returnees.

want to be a boss, give up the salary to Zheng business

Guo founder is 24 years old, born in Pingdingshan, grew up in Shanghai. He studied very well, first admitted to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and as an exchange student to study at the University of Huddersfield, England, where to get a bachelor’s degree in exhibition economy and management. After returning home, he entered a large company in Shanghai to do administrative executives, monthly salary of more than 20 thousand yuan.

in December last year, a few friends invited him to Zhengzhou to do business, but also let him as boss, although there is a good job in Zhengzhou, but also unaccompanied, bent when the boss Guo Fangzheng or move the heart. Resignation, to Zheng, began a new life.

business was very smooth at first, but when he wanted to get out of the game, investors suddenly divestment, business suddenly plummeted. "The two choice: to return to Shanghai halfway; adhere to Zhengzhou, etc.." To a few friends, and he can not be reconciled to this end, Guo founder promised to stay.

in February 14th this year, a romantic encounter, Guo founder found the heart of her, the girl also work in Zhengzhou. Sweet love at the same time, the business has not yet improved, Guo founder even living expenses have become a problem. Girlfriend is very understanding, but Guo is determined not to wait, to do something, I also try to recommend

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