How to join a shop to become rich

how to venture to make money quickly, go to work two. No doubt open shop is our best choice, but often a lot of people have this idea, but it is impossible to start, so here to unlock your regiment.

2011 online shop seven days, the monthly income of 10000 yuan secret drilling method!

How do

2, the low credibility of how to do?

to the novice to count an account, in addition to the software sales of prepaid recharge profit sales profit is 230 per

again dish rookie new new step back a week selling a software monthly sales of 5   5X230=1150; the monthly income of

if every day sales of 1 software, 30X230=6900 January income if sales do a bigger scale like us monthly sales of 100 sets of software 100X230=… If you are interested can look down  

Second, credit. Novice shop does not have credibility, to sell the kind, the buyer out of their own interests, most tend to a higher reputation of the store. No credibility, which customers?

Third, supply. Novice shop where to purchase? What kind of goods do you want? How to deliver?… This is a new problem that puzzles us.???

Fourth, turnover. Novice shop, cash flow problem is also very important. Just imagine, if you sell real goods, purchase, not to mention, take orders from buyers, after the payment date, then you shipped to him to confirm receipt, evaluation, in his first time to confirm receipt of goods under the premise, at least 3, 4 days, in order to return the funds.

Second, credit. Agent software is your earned reputation

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