How to classify cigarette selling points

although we are selling goods, if you want to make the product more attractive, you can get more recognition of customers, you need to refine the selling point of goods. The so-called selling point, the brand is more prominent aspects of the content, to attract the attention of retail and consumer, and promote the development of cigarette sales and brand. On the recommendation of cigarettes, a good selling point can deepen the cognition and memory of customers and consumers. In other words, the more abundant cigarette selling point, the more likely to increase the likelihood of success. After practice, I do the following on the cigarette selling points, good results immediately highlighted!

is a selling point is accurate: when communicating with customers, can say a cigarette two, up to three points, if you say a lot of selling off the reel, the customer will be "engage" the halo, remember things, may you chatter without stop off. So in the promotion of brand selling point, the need for a number of selling points have a precise plan, different cycles emphasize different selling points.

to "Taishan", for example, at the beginning, you can seize the "Taishan" brand culture, "Taishan is not just a mountain, but also a pack of cigarettes". Let the customer to Taishan brand to do a direction of understanding, and then extract a key from Taishan, Paul peace". The customer will understand what you mean.

two selling point is to distinguish: each brand has its own independent selling point, therefore, in the recommendation, according to the different types of brands selectively promote its selling point, if it is a new cigarette, to highlight the novel packing, or formula and special taste. For example, "Taishan" (Qing Xiu) selling point is the atmosphere, Yuyishenke, packaging of low tar and Taishan (chicken) formula; will use its visibility and customer nostalgia to recommend; "Taishan" (the Buddha) should highlight his selling high-end quality and deep cultural connotation.

three is a combination of many selling point: when customers buy cigarettes in the choice, considering the purchase of the starting point is not the same, for example, some consider the economic situation will choose "high price" brand; some consider the status, will choose more high-end brand; others figure fresh, then the new brand will favored. Therefore, in the recommended cigarettes, it is necessary to refine the brand’s selling points, combined with different needs of the customer base to choose the recommended direction, so that customers will be faster to accept, they will be very easy!

so, refining the selling point of the commodity is not a simple job, if you want to make things better, but also need to refine, so that it can make the goods to create a higher sales. So, if you’re an operator, do you know how to classify the selling point of cigarettes?

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