nner Mongolia will vigorously promote the teaching of Mongolian students to participate in employme

to achieve universal entrepreneurship, the need to include minorities. To help the minority nationalities in Inner Mongolia actively participate in entrepreneurship, change the living conditions. Inner Mongolia government introduced policies to promote the teaching of Mongolian students to participate in employment.

at the same time, in accordance with the law for the increase of Mongolian teaching college students job settings. These positions include in all levels of state organs and institutions with Mongolia language professional translators, with the use of Mongolia language staff at all levels of the judiciary and legal service agencies, the Menghan kanemichi position in transportation, communication, finance and other business public service places.

in entrepreneurship, with the development of agricultural and livestock production and processing, ecological tourism and modern service industry, national education and culture industry as the key to increase the Mongolian College Graduates subsidies, small loans and other policy support. Qualified Mongolian teaching college graduates engaged in self-employed and the establishment of small and micro enterprises, can refer to the employment difficulties of flexible employment social insurance subsidy policy.

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