nnovation and entrepreneurship policy support to help people achieve Entrepreneurship

now in order to help people entrepreneurial activities all over the country are actively introduce some good business policy, at the same time, there are more and more entrepreneurs embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in Shenzhen in order to help introduced a variety of policies to support entrepreneurship.

clear support key

"puppy at home" is a pet family foster mutual APP, pet owners if they travel, travel etc. no one at home to take care of the pet, the "dog at home" platform, will be able to search and choose the satisfied pet family. In September last year, with such a simple idea, the dog at home project team, access to angel capital investment in Xiamen nuts. Currently, the APP has over 10000 users, access to orders from forty or fifty cities across the country. The number of teams from the initial 3, expanded to the current 23.

in Xiamen torch hi tech Zone, so the story of innovation be too numerous to enumerate.

in order to attract more potential projects settled in high-tech zones maxspace entrepreneurship, torch hi tech Zone also recently introduced to support the public record of spatial development in the "Interim Measures", to lay the foundation for the new technology, new products, new services and new formats together.

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