Shop location to consider what internal conditions

Many factors need to be considered before any

to open a store, so that it can really choose to a suitable location, it is a fact that many people know. However, this is generally considered only external conditions, if you want to have a suitable shop location, also need to consider the internal conditions. So, the shop location to consider what internal conditions?

a convenient customer shopping

to meet customer demand is the purpose of store operations, so in determining the location of the shop, we must first consider the convenience of customer shopping. Therefore, the selected locations will be generally in accordance with one or several of the following conditions: convenient transportation; close to the theaters, commercial street, park and other crowded places, so that customers can enjoy shopping, leisure, entertainment, tourism and other convenient services; located in densely populated areas or units concentrated areas, the customer shopping saves time and effort; in accord with the traffic laws and the flow of population distribution area, to meet consumer habits.

two, is conducive to the development of shops

store location is the ultimate goal of the success of the operation, in order to facilitate the operation, but also to consider the following aspects:

(1) is conducive to improve coverage, in favor of long-term development of the store. The shop location should not only analyze the current market situation, but from a long-term perspective is conducive to the expansion of the scale, whether it is conducive to improve the coverage, increasing its strength on the market basis.

(2) is conducive to the formation of integrated service functions, to play the characteristics of. Shops in the site, we should take into account the characteristics of the industry, consumer psychology and consumer behavior and other factors, carefully determine the location of business. In particular, a large department store category should be integrated and comprehensive consideration of the region’s various business services functions, the creation of the characteristics and advantages of the store, to establish a good image.

(3) is conducive to the rational organization of goods delivery. Store location should not only pay attention to scale, but also the pursuit of economies of scale. The development of modern business, requiring centralized purchase, centralized supply, unified transport, which is conducive to reducing procurement costs and transportation costs, the rational planning of transport routes. Therefore, the location of the shop should be as close as possible to the transport line, so that it can save costs, but also timely procurement and supply of goods, to ensure the normal operation of activities.

customer is God, the location of the store must consider the factors of the customer, at the same time, the market is constantly changing, so the site must also have a long-term vision.

to any one of the shop’s location, only inside and outside the full consideration of all, so as to make the store’s geographical location is better, can attract more customers, and then >