Nail shop how to name a good name

although many shopkeepers know to Manicure shop to take a good name is a very important thing, but in the end how we can do this work but also faces problems very much. So, nail shop how to name will have a good name? Let Xiaobian simple to analyze for you.

(1) font concise and lively. Manicure shop name, the font should be concise, easy to read, make people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. Do not use the name of some strokes cumbersome, so ugly and difficult to understand. Not conducive to customer memory.

(2) words less catchy. Nail shop when you want to avoid a long string of words, especially some with a taste of the name. Such names are hard to remember and hard to understand. So, the name to use fewer words, catchy name. It is best to be in the 5 Chinese characters, which is the most appropriate word name.

(3) name to be unique. Manicure shop names should not only reflect the characteristics of the industry, but also in style, and not many industry names. Manicure shop is suitable for an easy listening, easy to read, easy to remember the name, to concise and comprehensive characteristic.

(4) font design aesthetic. Customers in front of the nail shop, the first thing that comes to mind is the nail shop name. Therefore, the nail shop name of the font must give people a sense of beauty, fonts to design novel, the customer will have a desire to see the name of the store.

Whether can

a shop with a good name, nature also need operators in the above named spend more energy, pay more attention to the issues, so as to make it easier for the name. So, if you open a nail shop, do you know how to name it?

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