Zhang aunt shop operators magic

in the business process of our daily shop, there are many successful cases, the case for the majority of managers career development will have a very big help, here, let Xiaobian bring everyone together to meet Aunt Zhang is how to run the shop. In fact, Zhang aunt was an employee of the audit bureau, friendly character hearty, touch tone. People always greeted with a smile.

for the convenience of the neighbors, Aunt Zhang more than and 10 years ago in front of the unit opened a grocery store, there are two interlinked a small window, wide narrow inside, about 25 square meters, retired two years ago after his personal care stores, due to perennial dealing with figures, there is an invisible "operating manual" in her mind, do not underestimate this "Management Handbook", not only will "charge accounts", and "reminder", "sales skills", below, let us read her the invisible "operating manual" in the end what magic.

magic one: operating goods from less to more, business model from single to multiple

according to Zhang aunt recalls, had just started, the more than and 10 varieties of cigarette sales, the other is mainly some salt oil, toothbrush toothpaste and other daily necessities, and before the goods not now rich shop money just enough to please people and rental shop. Later, the area’s population flow gradually increased, the client manager told her to sell some different specifications of cigarettes and goods to attract different consumer groups. She began to realize that the need to increase the types of goods, improve service awareness.

after that she began to observe, passing into the store consumption crowd, gradually found that customers to district residents, students and people passing by, through this analysis, she increased the kids love toys and snacks, buy some daily necessities, all customers into the store consultation, but she is not the goods, she will be very clever to say "sold out", rather than "no goods". After the guests to go, as long as the price is not very high, she immediately buy sales.

gradually, she sold more of the goods, the monthly income is also up, the sale of cigarettes is also nearly 60 specifications. Now she can also provide you with the payment of water, electricity, prepaid recharge service. For 25 square meters of shops, more than a commodity, it will appear messy, but did not feel like walking into the store aunt zhang. Even more surprising is that she placed the location of all goods are well aware of the needs of customers, she can immediately find.

magic two: the purchase of goods reasonable inventory, product quality excellence

may have been engaged in the audit work for a long time, Zhang aunt on her small commodity prices and inventory special heart. Each kind of commodity wholesale price and the purchase price can be memorized, and even most of the difference of cigarette wholesale specification >

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