How to display the best seller

is almost in any one of the shops, selling goods are in fact a very important aspect of profit. Therefore, in the sale of goods on display, we naturally need to pay more attention to. So, how to display the best sellers? Let Xiaobian through a case to introduce you.


Manager: "I found a problem, I think the best-selling series should be put in the main sales areas, this can be the maximum number of best-selling series of sales, but we store a total of 11 bar goods, three series of best-selling sales last week is the same, all 20 pieces are respectively red series green and blue series series, the three series of color is very bright, I put them all together in the main sales areas, that is ugly, how to do?"

I asked, "if you have three beautiful dresses, red, green and blue, you want to show them to your boyfriend"

Manager: "it will not, and wear more ugly ah, say it, but also hot."

asked, "what would you wear?"

Manager: "I wear red today, tomorrow wear blue, the day after tomorrow wear green, the day after tomorrow to wear -"

I interrupted her! Those three? Do you know how to do it?"

Manager: "ah, I know, today red, tomorrow blue……"

I said: "you still wear a dress, dress can be changed every day, but the store is not the same, do not have to change every day. You choose a stock of the largest series, the first week, next week, according to the sales data and inventory data to consider replacing it."

Manager: Well, I understand, thank you."

so the manager did:

1, the largest inventory of blue in the marketing area, next to the white with purplish blue.

2, the red series out of the door position, that is usually the location of new goods display.

3, while the green is displayed in a common area, but next to a group of 3 models out of sample.

a week later, the blue series sales more than and 30, part of the color code breaking phenomenon. The manager will replace the red blue series, series in the main sales areas, so the cycle……

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