Online site selling tea but serendipitously bring huge returns

spent 200 yuan to buy space and domain name, download the website source code, my tea website shelves! At the beginning of half a month, is to publish, to fill the content of the website! This half a month is very substantial, is also full of hope, because there is always the direction, update the article! After half a month, think about, just waiting for customers to visit! One day later, the QQ icon is not flash, I was alone in the QQ list


this is exactly why? See others do so successfully, I do a little business not? So I find some QQ group to ask the person to ask me. I looked at him, he said as well, is to promote the promotion of poor! I don’t know what you mean?. He said you go to Baidu space for a space, write some articles, then you step on others on a Baidu space, just add a friend! I do according to his method, but also understand the Baidu space on the homepage, specially in front of others, and with a friend with 50 days, second days to add to Baidu! Oh, the space of the article, and I wasted two days. Many days have passed, or no business, Baidu space visits are increasing day by day, and my site visits are increasing. Until one day, there is a Beijing with my QQ, I was not asked the farmers, of course I said is authentic Anxi tea farm girl! Talk about more than 20 minutes, he said he was going to Anxi 51, I look at this! The first customer is actually coming to my home, so I was surprised I didn’t really! Want to go to the heart, promised him, and gave him a mobile phone number. The next few days, there is a telephone and QQ plus friends every day, but many are selling advertising agency, what Baidu ah, Google agent ah, beginning what also do not understand, always very patiently listen to them, but to hear the money, I was nervous, I have no money on advertising, false promise they consider! Can be a few days, and then call, FANA, has received several times, as long as a later area, do not answer the phone, sometimes in order to verify the phone is not advertising, with the occasional look, one is Baidu, hung up! You have not received the phone. It is connected with


no business, I went on the QQ group, ask the man, he said don’t worry, you are the normal update, Baidu space can add friends, pay attention to find some tea to add friends, if there is time to look at Taobao, Taobao! And a new word?. According to his explanation, I finally understood what, and spent a few days to register a Taobao ID, put on more than 100 pieces of tea products, and then wait for customers to come home. A few days later, Taobao still did not sell anything. Depressed ah, bubble Taobao forum! See Taobao University, modify the commodity title and time-sharing shelves, and another for several days, strange, or no business!


and I asked the man, he smiled and said, if I find you buy some of it, when to give you encouragement! The first business was such transactions. I cry >

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