Ali cloud host and linode VPS use experience

on Ali cloud and linode, will not repeat them here, do not know or do not understand can use Baidu Search, there are a lot of relevant information, as the website of the construction industry, the server is an essential infrastructure, choose a stable host will save you much unnecessary trouble, here will be Ali cloud hosting linode and VPS to be introduced.


1 and linode VPS usage experience

site construction industry, and ultimately inevitable and record deal, while the domestic formalities and procedures is very cumbersome, and record the cycle is relatively long, therefore, we have the enterprise of these sites are placed in the foreign host. Choose a stable foreign host is very important, after a series of reference and comparison, the final choice of the linode VPS, in the process of using linode, did not let us down, the key is stable, the server ran for six months did not restart, access is still very smooth, but also solve the trouble record.

linode management background is pure English, but common English words we are familiar with, will not be use disorder, linode management background is their own development, basically in the background can accomplish everything you need operation, startup, shutdown and restart, reinstall the system, backup, upgrade configuration and so on. We rarely visit the background, in addition to the renewals of the time, the general operation directly through SSH management.

2, Ali cloud host experience

the past two years and the rise of the domestic cloud hosting boom, due to relatively large another website traffic of the company’s operations, in the country before their server to the room hosting, but because the number of reads and writes very frequently, almost every period of time to replace the hard disk, tossing back and forth down data is very troublesome, the final decision try to choose the cloud host (mainly consider the special relationship between the aliyun and nets), after the trial feeling of speed and stability are good, go to the Ali cloud host.

Ali cloud hosting backstage interface is relatively simple, it is convenient to use, but through the backstage server restart is very slow, have to wait a long time, so you need to restart the general SSH restart, stability is better, but the feeling of disk performance Ali cloud host is not too optimistic, there is a record of Ali cloud hosting is limited only, bind up to a host on the 5 record of the domain name, but it is not suitable for the site construction industry, a host only 5 corporate website is too wasteful.

3, linode, VPS and Ali cloud host contrast,

down, the choice of whether to use Ali cloud or linode? My personal experience is: if you are the site of construction industry, and a number of enterprise customers, in order to reduce the record of trouble, choose on linod>

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