nternet application is king how to make a valuable application in the six step

why many personal site cannot get better development? Many websites are not resolved based on the demand and the establishment of the (to create demand for the world’s most probably it did not actually happen), or not target specific requirements, even at a market demand to kill over, often do not squeeze their "value", spend a lot of time in the the website of the "design innovation" and "technological innovation", rather than "the application of innovation". You can move the user is always experience the outstanding "application", rather than you deep. How beautiful you ", high technology hidden in the website of the heart, it is in order to improve application quality, superior design is only an auxiliary, is to beautify the application of packaging.

1. What is the application?


applications, application, it refers to "adaptation needs" for use". Need to install water container, buckets to meet this need, can be used for people to hold water; travel to speed up, the car to adapt to this need, can be used when people travel; daily life need contraception, condoms to meet this need, can be used for people to love……

two, the process of building applications

want to make your products and services have been applied, you first need to give them a reason to exist, a positioning — they are used to meet the needs and what needs to solve people’s life? What pain point? The goal is to solve the problem, the next step is to analyze the solution to the problem and thinking you, to come up with solutions to make a product or a service provided to the corresponding problem group, let them use your products and services when they encounter problems, with you to solve problems and follow up the feedback, you need certain products and services more in line with the user’s. Finally, there’s a need to be valuable so you can make a profit. From finding requirements to providing applications, there are six steps:

1 and found the need for

needs you to have an altruistic heart. Don’t always think I’m going to be a XXX. Think about it. I’ll make a XXX for them. A completely self serving starting point will not let you discover the real need. You will only have your own needs. A ticketing website, found that the fire of the FACEBOOK, happy net fire, he believes that people need online relationship interaction, he finally to buy the same concert tickets to develop SNS community, results of a deserted house for you, why? Resources in the ticket, you when the popular mode of envious, do you think the popular model to your resources, you can succeed, but do you think, have investigated the strange fans is not want to know her


, the quality you need is altruistic

2, analysis requires

To the surface of

with standard real needs, women buy a suit of papaya, you see papaya market, set up stalls and even buy a piece of land planted papaya papaya papaya, promoting your sweet and delicious, whether you can survey and analysis "

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