Talking about how can the brand of new new enterprise be rapidly rising

in the past, traditional enterprises should play high brands and high advertising costs. Low efficiency is the pain that entrepreneurs can not tell, and the accumulation of information is the king. But now the age of the Internet, fix all don’t bother: like God carved sirloin, Ma Jiajia’s gun, Huang Taiji pancakes hungry and so on are just fire up. Who is the ultimate contribution to all this? Media! Media in the Internet age!


, but like these companies, new talent has a refreshing business model and gimmicks, and most companies do not have, and it is difficult to come up with decent model ideas. How can these popular corporate talent make the brand rise fast? Since it was said that the media is so useful, it can be done as long as we make good use of it.

of course, the premise is that there must be, not all enterprises can pull over to engage in. Because the premise is evident to anyone with these, my words: to have a good foundation – the user experience to feel good.

what does it feel like to give a good user experience?

product quality is the key, we must grasp the good; service to customers feeling should be kind and considerate for them. Everyone knows that this is necessary, the basic impression of doing a good job, after the force. Otherwise, give you a pile of customers, you can not develop


in accordance with past practice, the two points to lay the foundation enough, but now the Internet era to make a breakthrough almost.

we know that the Internet age is user centric. That is, millet style of participation must be there, to find ways to use the circle, activities into the enterprise, to grasp the customer’s lifetime value is not lost!


secondly, the trend of the Internet age is direct, interesting, interesting, personal and emotional. So, as much as possible, make every step of the presentation have the above nature. Especially the personality, in physiology, because it is different, in order to give a deeper impression of others, the same will be the brain information filtering, assimilation. Do not like to let others to help you pass the same farther, even want to say to others is not what say? Personality and characteristics are also innovative elements, in fact, innovation not so tall, as long as that is not the same as innovation, and most effective and innovative


is like an elephant condom let condom shaped like an elephant; carved sirloin everywhere filled with luxurious feeling, mysterious atmosphere; Ma Jiajia unconventional female university graduates to the identity of the society Adult supplies onto the table and so on these are all examples of


is not as classic as they do, so do it as much as possible,


with these fundamentals, we can use the media to force it. And now the best use of the media, I think the two means the most fun, the best use,


1, public media two means

(1) soft text

the advantage of soft Wen is to attract others, so that others do not feel disgusted, but also like the product, or leave an impression, or directly promote into.

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