Why is it worth 300 million dollars


[core tips] a pure tool class application, how to break through the commercial realization of the problem


yesterday afternoon, bean fruit food formally announced the completion of a new round of financing of $25 million, the valuation of the financing round of $300 million.

as a focus on food, recipes, "tool type" application, how to break through the continuing tool product realization problems, commercial income to allow products to continue to grow?

builds communities, not just recipes.

tool class applications are usually easy to open problems: low frequency, short use time, high rate of withdrawal.


told CEO earlier this week in a chat with geek Park: "

beans fruit try to get rid of the homogenization of recipes, and hope that recipes, communities, electricity providers into a stable triangle.

try to make more interactive activities in the community, in addition to making recipes and checking recipes, so that more intensive use of "bean fruit Er" will be generated.

, for example, people can share lunch, share "eating three pounds of fat", or just a simple tutorial to teach you ten steps to learn how to eat crabs.

online will have a fixed "bean fruit Family day" activities, those who like to eat small partners gathered together to share delicious food, exchange from line to line.

also has an annual food festival in China since 2013, bringing together gourmet people, gourmet celebrities and gourmet enterprises in the industry to select the 30 most popular gourmet people in 2013.

builds a product that you can communicate with, creating more opportunities for people to interact with each other, leaving the rest for operations and products to inspire.

provides users with better ways to spend

do you want to buy a dessert, butter, sugar, cream etc. every kind of raw materials, these materials may be purchased from a variety of channels, which brand quality is good, need to use what way to use what collocation, how cooking oven.

Just what you want

recipes, making the delicacy of this thing, there are a lot to wait to solve pain points.

Buy Tableware, kitchen appliances, condiment

in bean fruit you can, these products are beans fruit products editors were screened, and with recipes, topic content, personalized recommendation.

beans fruit customized 100 ovens, in less than ten minutes to grab the light, the side confirms the community users keen on food, electricity supplier.

they know what is good, and then buy them through the electricity supplier

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