Through the technology flow to retain users of the site to promote rapid development of the site


technology in the country has been strange, because a lot of technology in China is in a closed state, and today I want to explain is through technology flow we can retain more users, as the Internet continues to broaden, now many sites are taken technology flow, such as the ZAC teacher’s Day paste is a typical network technology flow, daily Wangzhuan site share is a typical enterprise technology flow, it can be said that technology flow has become a major way to retain users, so as a webmaster how to reasonable and healthy operation of technology flow, promote the rapid development of the


1. Use technical streams. Be aware of the amount of ink "


is a very simple example, you are engaged in the building, do you want to share a building technology website, but your own belly of the ink is not high, if you share a share in a week, four times a month, or three months will be your share of technology is completed this time, how to do? Is to please people still do? This is the problem that must be considered, so suggest the webmaster friends must consider the "ink" amount when using the technology flow, how many goods in the belly before we can arrange the technology to share, no goods are not in the belly matter, then please share them, this is the long-term adhere to the core technology flow point.

Two, using

technology to pay attention to "the money flow" than

when we share the technology flow not only than the web technology content in the same industry, more than the site itself facing object, we still in construction site, if you do is construction technology, then we will put up their own technology in Baidu to see if there is a similar article, if so we can not form the technology of streaming technology. Than after this, we will own website construction technology and Title Comparison, if your title is the construction technology for beginners, which requires our decades of experience and technology not to come, because if you don’t learn for beginners, the title is industry experience, so that beginners can share technology don’t frown, user.

three, the use of technology flows should pay attention to the "interval" sex

as a personal webmaster want to adhere to the technology on the site every day to share is very difficult, which requires us to consider the interval of technology flow, how to share technology, is still a month one day every weekend, these are very important, as a user will want to. Is the fastest speed to see your share of technology content, so we should publish an announcement on the website after the contents of the site to share in one period, and explain the periodicity. This method allows users to continue to accumulate technology streams, thereby detonating the site.

four, operating technology flow should pay attention to "design" beauty

users don’t just want to see the technology, they’re also going to the web

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