One and a half months Pr from 0 to 2 promotion process

Time flies like a shuttle. last month and a half, a station, Baidu included more than 180 articles from 0 to 0, PR from directly across the 2 level. Recalling the days along the way, it is really a little emotion! Think of the original, simple to write a small program on Valentine’s day on the line, what optimization ah, keyword ah, promotion ah, the chain ah, all do not understand. But see the address, website lying quietly in the browser, but a joy in my heart, stay up nearly a month finally bear fruit, the page may seem ugly in others, but she is like their children, with the northern dialect called "east look like".

the station name input commonly used Baidu, not a silly eye: how not ah? Quickly find reasons, read the article to understand, the original is that there must be a spider climb station called east to be included. Second days, Baidu finally included my home page.

…… This is a site of knowledge, and accumulated, especially after a push to harvest more big website. This class is very warm, help you diagnose website free, especially the founder Jiang Bingkun teacher personally to each person attending to the careful guidance website, is to let patients benefit from this, but the country’s first ah, to attending the webmaster also help each other advice, here is a truth big family.

words to the theme, in a push to help, my site knowledge gradually increase, according to your guidance, is the first page of the primary adjustment of landscaping, keyword were revised, and the daily spend two or three hours to update more than 10 pieces of information, the original, and then some put the soft place to leave your site. This is not tired, the effect is really obvious, I found that the search engine is in love with the site I, a Baidu keyword in the first row, another keyword ranked around 30, basically a 2 page snapshot update, included every day rise, the website hits and repeat steadily increase, especially yesterday, the value of PageRank was increased from 0 to 2, why crossed the 1 stage directly up to 2 level? This really some don’t understand, but it is a good thing, the more determined I do stand on the website of the future to have a preliminary understanding.

finally please everyone like my station: love, a webmaster can provide easy to stay outside the chain of BBS type characteristic website station.

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