Transfer out of the original spirit of the big gold mine there will be crisis

I heard an American personal independence blog can realize Japan into the tens of thousands of dollars in a miracle, let countless Internet veteran of many years of webmaster to new hope, to know this blog every day as long as America actually reprint articles, also do not need to implement this miracle to write their own, so they naturally think of try, in fact Baidu tried to launch original plan when many owners are actually facing the brink of collapse, because a lot of original content, but also the high quality of the original is very difficult to create, although this plan is put forward in view of the current Internet spam flooding the environment, but also against the enthusiasm of the webmaster the operation of the site.


so Baidu plans to launch the original website, collection and reproduced also did not encounter search engine comprehensive killing, in fact many sites Baidu home page on the same content many are reprinted, of course, these sites to collect the contents and random pseudo original content has been greatly reduced. Instead of the high quality of the original article reproduced and the site itself carefully created, indicating that Baidu’s original plan actually played a certain role.


reprint miracles affect original creative trends,


but from the other side of the United States appeared on the success of the case after the transfer, coupled with the domestic do exist to reprint the row to Baidu home the fact that it is not that the original is actually not so important? But if we really think after analysis of these rows in the Baidu home page website reprint and the United States the success of the blog, you will find the original is still a major trend in the future, because you will is not a very easy thing.

, a US dollar earned tens of thousands of blogs every day only reprint articles, but spent the webmaster spend sixteen hours a day time to find suitable reprint articles on the Internet, has hired two part-time staff, this time from the view of efficiency, the efficiency is far from the original transfer efficiency is high, for reprint the content not only to meet the needs of website content relevance, more critical is the reprint articles on the Internet have not spread, and has good readability, and the site itself but also has a certain weight, the only way to be able to continue to force reprint.

For example, now a lot of IT

type of site, often reprinted in A5 original articles, some IT website even A5 article reprinted after the past, Baidu included time is faster than A5, it will bring certain effect to reprint the website, is the so-called strong, so want to reprint the article, first of all you have to site weight should be excellent, knowledge and interest in addition to reprint the content must be high, such as A5 in the article is the quality is relatively high, so many articles reprinted A5 IT type website, also ranked good.

so reprint, although also can make website get good >

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