Safe site road to pry from small data

plays a key role in the operation of a web site. As parents bear bitter hardships and guide their children, need to pay attention to every step of growth, so is the webmaster. As a webmaster, especially personal Adsense, we need to understand many things, such as how to do the editing of content, how to do promotion and so on, but I think that analysis is on the site of the data many of this class work. Because the website’s data analysis can help us observe our site development, but also can better guide our site growth. The author will be familiar to everyone in the following webmaster statistical tool cnzz for the spindle, talk about how we as a webmaster meticulous details from the website of the data reflect the site belongs to the development road.

1: snooping

from traffic sources


shown above we can see the source of traffic distribution site, we can see that a site 48.47% is from external links, promotion mode from this we can pry out the site, such as soft Wen promotion, Forum promotion, social network promotion still have certain effect. But we see only 23.8% of the traffic from the search engine, you can see the site’s SEO still need to work hard. As for the need to modify the direction, we can through the analysis of the site specific keywords ranking, PV and other data start analysis. Then we saw is to directly enter the URL or bookmark to traffic, we see the ratio of 27.72%, from this we can see the proportion of the site’s user experience, if the user experience is good, user retention rates will naturally high, so this part of the proportion will rise.

2: snooping through the time periods visited by users


from the figure above, we can see that the peak hours of site user visits are from eight a.m. to eleven p.m., from 2 to four p.m.. At the same time, we can also carry out the integration analysis according to our users’ groups. For example, the author of this site for model website, the target user is Secretarial Personnel, this flow concentrated in office hours. When we understand our target user’s access time period, we can publish the content according to this period of time, and let the user get the freshest content. Or, according to this episode, plan some more influential online activities and so on.

3: search engine antecedents analysis


although the current domestic search engine market or Baidu occupies an absolute advantage. However, a website can not only have a search engine traffic flow, there must be from Google, 360, Sogou and other search engine traffic. For our site, you can’t just rely on Baidu, and the appropriate analysis comes from other

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