Thoughts on traffic flow from 3000 to 300 daily

himself has read too much to teach you to earn 500 days, tens of thousands of traffic and so on this article, the author of it, and shaking heaven and earth network technology sincerely admire admiration, in accordance with the step-by-step tutorial on a rookie webmaster road. Today, this article will not tell you how to make your website traffic overnight surge, but only from the flow of their stations reduced, I hope you can see some truth.

my station due to my interest, because the book love book website, make a ebook forum, built in January 10, 2008 on the line.


, I will continue to update my favorite novel to the forum, sometimes updating more than 100 a day. Did not use too much what SEO, promotion skills, etc., to maintain after six months, there will be nearly 3000IP traffic. (pictures show up to more than 4000, Baidu receives more than 1000, 60% traffic comes from Baidu, and 30% comes from GG). When in August 08, is also the time of the Olympics, only pay attention to the Olympic Games, also went to Shanghai to see the "football game, and gradually lose interest on site. Web site has not been updated, but the site’s collection has not been reduced, so traffic has not decreased.

but because the site has not been good times don’t last long, update and maintenance, to the time of nearly 09 years, Baidu included start to reduce the flow gradually down, until recently, Baidu is only 2 pages, the flow is about 300.

flow reduction, consider must have the following points for your webmaster reference, I hope you can accept the lesson:

one, the site has not been updated. This seems the simplest problem, but it is a web site survival of the most basic basic, think of a very old information, who will pay attention to, Baidu, etc will not always close. Updated every day, is the most important site promotion!


two, server quality. Included less, but also the server, and my server has a few days a few days when the inconvenience, affecting the spider’s visit.

three, no increase in the chain. Before the website from 0 to 3000, but also I in the process of increasing the chain, the six months did not add a chain, lead to web site weight low.

does not have too much technical content, please read and understand, and I hope to enlighten you,


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