Thoughts on the management of websites forums and forums

BBS system, also known as electronic bulletin board (BBS) system, which is accompanied by the popularity of community BBS and become one of the most important applications of the Internet, and gradually become a symbol of the core competitiveness of the site. Statistics released by CNNIC in July 2006 show that 43.2% of Chinese Internet users often use forum /BBS/ discussion group, and forum community applications exceed the instant messaging IM for the first time, becoming the only basic application of Internet after sending and receiving Email.

1, the Forum (BBS) electronic bulletin board, after years of exploration and development so far, in a website is occupy a very important position, a high popularity of the forum is a manifestation of the comprehensive strength of the site, the site’s popularity has greatly improved. The forum can provide users with a free and flexible communication space, is also the site of an important function and content in the modern concept of the construction site, index of interaction of a web site to be referred to a higher position. Also to say that, no matter what kind of website you are, there is no forum is a incomplete and regrettable website.

2, the forum users guide, free, no space distance and time barriers, can gather some like-minded friends in a very short period of time, perhaps there will be a lot of potential users and the industry. The company can use these user resources to do some in-depth product promotion. You can also do some offline activities, so that users understand the company in reality, so as to achieve its recognition of the company.

3, through the exchange of users, we can more quickly and carefully understand the market trends, you can do some research, for our future development and decision-making to play a positive reference and guidance. By thinking broadly, we can do better.

4, forum can increase the stickiness of the user to the website. Make them frequent, frequent visits, and often discussed, and thus become an essential site for them, important for potential users’ training and discovery.

5, can increase website content, website content, so as to avoid the empty. Regular post, users help us update, so that the search engine greatly interested in our website, more high-quality included, thereby increasing the amount of access to the site.

Management and operation of


1, it is best to set up three to five community operating center, dedicated to the day-to-day management and planning of the forum, in order to more effectively promote the development and influence of the forum.

2, strict Edition Director life. Develop detailed forum management system, the appointment of some of the love of the forum, often responsible netizens as moderator, through the application, investigation, management team will retain trial procedures, and conduct regular assessment during his tenure, to select some good managers. In the initial stage of the forum, the staff of each department can act as moderators and send some high-quality and substantial posts to enrich the forum every day.


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