Since the webmaster life quotes summary

anyway when we long for years, to summarize, which said that where thought, we hope to help.

1, there’s a question about Baidu, that’s right. But there is also a sentence, specific questions specific analysis. If you are using an empire or PHPCMS program, go to their official website and ask.

2, ask other webmaster questions, sometimes not don’t want to teach you, is you really won’t ask, annoying.

3, buy space, only buy expensive, do not buy the right, a price regardless of goods, this does not necessarily mean all the time. If your patient looking for a few days to find some more space business, and evaluation of the space business use Baidu Search users, if the monthly installment, first month to decide. Although it’s a bit of a hassle, but if it’s okay to use the month, I think it’ll be his long-term user.

4, if you want to use the website to make money, you must first pay your money to the website. Although we can not like Ma, like throwing money out of a Taobao, but with personal ability to build a Taobao too sun should be no problem.

5, into a certain degree of activity of the webmaster group communication, and mix which inside the person.

6, if you use the Empire, plus an empire, if you use DZ, plus a DZ group, if you… After the group speak more, nonsense is ok.

7, and webmaster chat note, if encountered a special like and you what chat webmaster, after less chat. Encountered a cold, answer your webmaster, and later to take the initiative to talk to others.

8, look for some dumpster. If possible, talk to some of the garbage station owners.

9, less GG daily income. If the station is not interested, you can visit the background of GG.

10, if you are that you around the forum, forum, many people look at the top Bangui likearticle.

11, BBS planning almost, and then go to land Baidu included. And so Baidu really included. Don’t change the forum section easily.

12, site early, Baidu included very slowly, do not tube, concentrate on doing your station. He will be included in the last hundred slowly.

13, the site early, GG included very soon, included a lot of pages, do not be happy, it will slowly down the back. And then go up slowly.

14 and Thursday are the days of Baidu’s update. It is said to be the day.

15, do GG advertising, and not a page put more ads, the better, but put where is the most important.

16, any site with a GG ad click rate below 30%, can at least double your revenue by tweaking advertising and ad color adjustments.

17, garbage stations per >

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