Secret why Baidu space products failed QQ space can be successful

, an old user of QQ space and Baidu space, is also deeply touched by recent comparisons between the hot Baidu space and the QQ space. We can explore this issue at the user experience level and at the product level.

user experience level:

Baidu space and QQ is not the same place, or look at your space people. Although Baidu space can be like QQ set permissions, but you watch the space people from different social circles! Source of QQ is basically QQ friends directly will have the opportunity to see your space, or through a friend of such ties can be found in your space, similar to the Genealogy (this knowledge from Tencent may people in this function can reflect). Baidu space circle is the source of Post Bar! Post Bar flow of people and open to you can find "acquaintance, ties the Genealogy", the only reliable point is probably the relationship between Baidu’s own advertising language (on Post Bar for organization, make like-minded people together in this relationship). What’s more, space dogs love to pack their clothes and pretend to show them to them. Of course, it’s a good idea for an acquaintance, and it’s better to stick to a Baidu than a stranger. There is also related to the popularity of QQ social circle. Of course, there is one important point: as a Baidu user for more than 5 years, Baidu’s sensitive word filter is very dumb. Many users can’t be bored with the slot, and how can they use it?.

product level:

Baidu space can stand today is not easy, it is not successful, I think the main reasons are: 1, not a product manager Hou boss did not make a decent product, the product team didn’t really understand what serious social, is no more than the experience. 2, big problems, reaction is too slow, the space is the beginning of the blog, then everyone happy for a long time to discuss internal fire, decided to open up the transformation platform, the result is really happy to do, have to go downhill, also put the existing blog away, and later made a kind of micro-blog’s function, and the transformation of light Bo, is slow. 3, the team is too small, in the Baidu annual or quarterly budget, you are looking at the product development, Post Bar after independence, the main product space is the community sector, it is the key support, but not because of human performance, and not enough, and the pressure of KPI, do things slowly, even later, many people, in fact, efficiency is not high but more personnel than work available. Of course, this is Baidu insider revealed.

if a word, the most important thing is not really understand the social products, old people to come, do not have their own social concept revision a loss of some users, finally did what the user, can shut down the.

but on the other hand, big companies do social, certainly not the vertical type, so it is really difficult to do, blog micro Bo SNS light, but the Tencent to engage in micro-blog, but WeChat can expect Ali dry, no product capacity nor the wolf who is going to challenge Baidu.

, let’s see Baidu again

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